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  • I always felt there was a Lawful Republic. It took Divine Providence and 30 years of trial and tribulation to find PAC in (October) 2022 and America's Road Home to attain Life, Freedom, and Property for my Posterity. —Patrick in Arizona

  • When I ran into the work of LB Bork a few years back, I realized that People's Awareness Coalition has been around since the late 1990's. Because the research is original, PAC's position has not since changed. —Karen from Pennsylvania

  • I just finished reading The Red Amendment for the 2nd time and I am still blown-away. It is a must read. The 14th Amendment actually enslaves America. PAC is the law group you want to associate yourself with. —Curt in Colorado







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"There is Tranquility in Ignorance, but Servitude is its Partner." —LB Bork

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